Way to go, Jake

If you’ve paid attention to comments I’ve made through the years, you know John Mellencamp is my favorite all-time singer.

Ten of his songs were in my Top 500 countdown, including “Jack & Diane” at No. 174.

That’s why I thought it was pretty cool that Vero Beach’s Jake Owen gave a tip of the cap to the Mellencamp classic in his new single.

Vero Beach-based comedy entered in Cannes Film Festival

The Pistol - by Xaque Gruber | Lemmon Lines Blog /  Newsletter, Vero Beach, FL

“The Pistol” is a 10-minute comedy about two 80-year-old women who move from Queens to Vero Beach. It’ll premiere at prestigious Cannes Film Festival on May 11.

Xaque Gruber, a Vero Beach resident, wrote and directed the film.

“That was brewing in my head for a few years,” he said.

He used Vero Beach Theatre Guild actors in the film.

Isabel Garrett plays the lead character, Claire.

“She’s a phenomenal talent, living in Sebastian,” Xaque said. “She can hold her own against Judy Dench.”

Final days for Brain Freeze

Joey Bishop, owner of Brain Freeze | Lemmon Lines, Vero Beach Blog / Newsletter

Joey Bishop plans to close Brain Freeze on Friday and then open at breakfast/lunch restaurant at the same location in four or five months.

Brain Freeze, located in the Miracle Mile area, has been around for more than six years.

For more about his plans for the new restaurant, see this week’s issue.

Musical chairs

Musical Chairs at Patisserie | Lemmon Lines Blog / Newsletter, Vero Beach, FL

The site for two versions of the Patisserie (the original Patisserie, followed by Freres Patisserie) is in need of a new tenant.

So is the former site of the ABC liquor store in the Miracle Mile.

So is a new restaurant on Ocean Drive.

See this week’s issue for details.

Why do people do this?

Littering outside Recycle Center gate. -  Vero Beach Florida blog and newsletter.

This photo was taken outside the Recycling Center on 69th Street. (It’s the one I use on a regular basis.)

Somebody left this furniture outside the gates when the Recycling Center was closed.

Rather than return when the Recycling Center was open, they just left it outside for someone else to clean up.

Um … that’s not the way it’s supposed to work.

Extended ‘season’ in 2019

Easter is the “rule of thumb” for the end of the tourist season in Vero Beach.

This year, Easter was on April 1.

Next year, it’ll be on April 21.